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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I See Dead Animals...And Talk To Them

Obviously I got back awhile ago. What do you think I am, insane?

I got done with 18 miles, yes 18 because I'm stupid like that. I never thought I'd say something like this but here it goes: the first 9 were great. The back nine: not so much.

I stopped by and saw a friend afterwards who is home for two weeks from a year deployment overseas. He was mowing the lawn. Travels half way around the world to mow his lawn. And who says life ain't hilarious? (And I can't get off my lazy ass to mow my own lawn, and I live here!).

Got home, took a shower to get the disgusting amount of salt off of my body, ate a turkey sandwich, some pretzels, carrots, and a few chicken tenders. The grapejuice tasted like shit so I dumped it.

Then it was off to blissful sleep. I asked my wife to wake me at 4:00 and I awoke by myself at 4:20, startled from a nightmare. Then I blamed her for not waking me up and if she did, I wouldn't have the nightmare.

I'm an 5th level asshole sometimes.

The title of this entry is because I saw some really jacked up dufuses of the animal kingdom. More on that later because I'm pushing my "quick hits" blogging techniques.

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