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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Seattle's monorail trains collide, 2 hurt

First, they make it sound like the two trains slammed into each other when in reality, they clipped a door. Fucking media.

Second, I'm from Seattle and if "a screeching sound -- metal on metal -- and glass breaking" is the LEAST dangerous thing you encounter, hang around for more than a few minutes.

Third, if coming down the ladder was scary, drop a pair of stones, would ya?

Fourth, in a strange way, this story made me homesick.


SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- John Gahagan was riding the monorail with his family when the sliding door was ripped off of their train car, breaking a window and showering his two children in glass.

The train had clipped the monorail's only other train on a curve in the tracks Sunday evening, forcing the evacuation of 84 passengers from the mile-long, 43-year-old elevated line between downtown and the Seattle Center.

Gahagan's children, ages 15 and 11, were unscathed by the glass, but officials said two other people were hospitalized with minor injuries.

"We heard a screeching sound -- metal on metal -- and glass breaking," said Gahagan, 50, of Mukilteo, Washington. Several people slid off their seats.

But he said the crash "wasn't real violent," explaining that "the scariest thing was coming down the ladder."

Several blocks of Fifth Avenue were closed after the accident, said Helen Fitzpatrick, fire department spokeswoman.

The crash happened over the planned route of Sunday's Seattle Marathon. Officer Rich Pruitt was not sure whether the marathon would have to change course.

The Seattle Police Department would investigate the crash, Pruitt said. The National Transportation Safety Board would also likely investigate, he said.

The monorail was built for the Seattle World's Fair in 1962 and has been popular with tourists, drawing as many as 23,000 riders a day. But a years-long fight to expand the system met with sound rejection by voters this month.

The line was shut down for more than six months last year, after a smoky fire stranded about 100 riders. No one was seriously hurt.

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