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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gummy Bears

I found this email in the depths of my computer:

Capt. Grose,

I am currently a student at TBS (A Co. BOC 1-05). I stumbled across your website a few months ago looking for a pub online and came across your TBS page. I read your quotes and the one about the lieutenants and the gummy bears just cracked me up. I'm sure you remember how downtrodden one can get at TBS at certain times (especially in Arctic Alpha). One cold day we had some down time and I decided to lighten up the mood by sharing the gummy bear story and all the lt's got a big kick out of it. In fact, "gummy bears" has become kind of the metaphor for the keystone cops-type leadership that sometimes goes on in the student billets at TBS. Our running password on orders has become gummy bears and "you've got gummy bears!?!" is quite often heard shouted out during humps and other activities. It's become quite a phenmoenon among the whole company, actually.

The reason I'm emailing you is this: everyone wants to see your website and the other quotes but it doesn't seem to be up anymore. I was curious if it is coming back online.

Thanks for the great stories and quotes. You made a bunch of lieutenants' days, sir.

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  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger Killjoy said…

    Aww, isn't this cute. Let me guess, you're still in contact with this Lt., right? If Brian were his SPC, he'd make them bring him gummy bears as punishments. Or he would get a big bag himself, gather them all in a circle, and let them watch him eat them.

  • At 6:24 PM, Blogger Viper said…

    No, I lost contact with him.

    Somehow, I can see the picture you paint.


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