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Sunday, May 29, 2005

This Spam Is One For The Books

I swear, this is verbatum. I got it in my GMail account with the subject: Re: Supper.

Hello, do you want to spdesire to leave her.end Iess on your drrugs?

The then belongs to your crews and mine in the proportions by thePHARMACY-BY-MAlL SHOP offers you a great deaand gibbering Spaniards had a brief vision of her as the line ofI

VlAincapacitated for the present, possessed a superficial knowledgeGRA VTHE MILAGROSAALlUM CCaptain Blood appeared surprised, pained. He turned in appeal tolALlS LEVlwas following with some rare prize of war, but gradually from theTRA and many other.

With each pureturning in her tracks, presenting now her larboard guns, andrchase you get:
Greatsailed north for Tortuga two days after the Baron de Rivarol's Prices
Twill go below, and get your gear and your woman, you shall presentlyop quaIity
Home deIiverless than half a cable's-length astern. Blood leaned over the raily
TotPeter groaned. Am I so hopelessly beyond forgiveness? I ask ital confidentiaIity

Try us and you will not be disappointto be vindictive. I doubt if ye're worth the pains I've taken fored!

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