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Friday, May 27, 2005


I almost got in a wreck on the way home. Some kid wouldn't let me merge and I went anyway, easing into the lane even though he tailgated. I just kept coming and he wasn't budging. It was getting very disturbing and Truckasaurus wasn't giving an inch. I kept coming, halfway into the shoulder with no place to go and way past the merging area. But I kept coming. Finally he relented and I shot into the space. He got in the other lane and glared at me, as did the other young teens in the car. I was hiding my white hot anger very well and was quelling the desire to follow him until he stopped so I could have a few non-Christian words with him.

I was on my cell phone with my brother at the time.

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  • At 6:08 PM, Blogger Killjoy said…

    Nerd. I almost got into an accident today with a non-yielder. I hate non-yielders when they have the yield and I don't. YIELD TO ME!


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