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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dead People

Today I tried to dig another hole for my dogshit project (Doggy Dooly). But alas, I came to more clay less than a foot down and determined that my backyard was just not gonna play. No drainy means the shit-water-leeching mixture would just sit there smelling REAL good a foot down rather than soak in.

I mentioned this to my wife who was talking to Neighbor Lady With 100 Cats and she told me that they had lived here a long time and came across the same thing. (Thanks for the heads up, by the way).

But here is the more interesting (interestinger?) conversation.

Seems the Battle of Chancellorville was fought RIGHT HERE!!! She said she wouldn't be surprised if there were DEAD BODIES under our yards!!!

Great. So I have Civil War bodies rotting under my yard. Good thing I'm not prone to being spook...

(get out!)


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