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Saturday, October 22, 2005


I am 37 years of age.

And I can definitely say that last night I experienced the loudest thunderclap of my entire life. Too bad it was at 0300.

I woke up just before it happened, looked at the clock, and momentarily did the math to calculate the amount of sleep I still had. Then I realized it was Friday/Saturday and I didn’t have to get up for work. With a smile, I laid my head down on my pillow thinking about the sheer joy of sleeping in…


I almost beshat my jammies.

The first thought I had was that a plane had hit my house. Then the possibility of a bomb was close behind that one. The entire house vibrated as the thunder exploded right above my house. As it trailed off, the only other sound other than the whole friggin’ house shaking was a car alarm down the street.

I jumped out of bed and looked out my bedroom window, expecting to see a tree down or something. But all I saw was rain.

My daughter appeared at my door shaking so I held her and looked downstairs to see my boy STILL ON THE COMPUTER!!! The power had flickered and turned off the computer.

“What the hell are you doing still up? Get in bed.”

So we all did just that to include my stupid dog. Our king size bed just wasn’t hacking the load so after about 5 minutes, everyone expect the dog was calm and we sent the kids to their beds.

Actually, my 13-year-old son convinced his little sister to join him in his bed, for her peace of mind, of course. The boy is so thoughtful.

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