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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Brand New Lieutenant Colonels

Many people I knew when I was a new Officer are now picking up their silver oak leaves. They are becoming serious big-pants people. Here are the ones on the latest list:

Major Bash: one of the Four Horsemen, although he's been hiding out recruiting for a few years. That's about to end and once he gets back to reality, will be joining our yearly excursions to Lone Pine, California.

Major Finley: He was the Executive Officer for my TBS Company. He won't remember me but he made quite an impression on me. I remember him to be quite entertaining yet no-nonsense.

Major Whitehouse: he was my SPC at TBS. I large, older, formerly-enlisted Marine, I flet lucky that he leaned more toward the mentorship end of the leadership spectrum at TBS. I might have been murdered if it wasn't for him.

Major Reinhart: he was the lat-moving Captain in my Adjutant class. He also went on to work at higher HQ (1st Marine Division in Campt Pendleton, CA) when I was sweltering in the 29 Palms' desert.

Major Seifert: he also served with me in 29 Palms as the XO of the track unit.

Congratulations, Gentlemen.

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