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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Come Off It Neal

Neal Armstrong is all pissed off because his barber sold some of his hair clippings for $3000. When I first read this, yeah, it was unsat. I mean, come on, how cheesy is selling someone's cut hair, not to mention how scary is it that someone would buy it?

But then I got to thinking. Neal's being an ass. Not about the hair thing, about the whole celebrity thing. He rarely grants interviews and shuns any fame he gets for what he did. I agree that some people shamelessly hang on to their celebrity and use it for all it's worth, and then some.

But he was the first freakin' man on the moon!!! Of all the billions and billions of people that have ever existed, he was the FIRST to set foot n a foreign body. And if you are that person, I'm sorry but you are going to be famous and known for all time. When you accepted the mission, you should have taken into account that you would forever be enshrined in the human consciousness as one of the most famous people who ever lived. It's human nature.

He took the mission. And now he denies the public their hero.

This really pisses me off. Step up, Neal. The public deserves their hero and opportunity to see a piece of living EARTH history. No other generation will be able to say they shook the hand of the first human being that ever walked on the moon and it's almost tragic to think that so many people were denied just because you refused to grant them such a magnificent gift.

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