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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Saddest Man On The Planet

Well, folks, it's over. Last night Iron Mike once again and maybe for the final time, got his ass handed to him by a no name slug who found Mike to be even less pitiful than himself.

Years ago, I remember "hearing" about the Tyson fights but since I never had the means to pay to "see" them, all I could do is marvel at the highlight films. And granted, back then he was one bad mamba-jamba. You've seen the footage; fools being knocked out cold before they even hit the mat, collapsing all gangly and ugly as their lifeless bodies crumpled. Tyson was a wrecking machine to be feared and praised for his raw viciousness.

But now... oh, Mike. It is sad, really, to see. And I think the best summation of his troubles is the poll I saw on the Sports Illustrated webpage. It went something like this:

Mike Tyson ceased to be "Iron Mike" once he ...

1. married Robin Givens
2. lost to Buster Douglass
3. did three years in jail
4. bit off Holyfield's ear
5. lost to Kevin McBride

Too bad they didn't have "all the above."

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