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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Too tired to post

Oh, by the way, I did manage to write out a few blogs today while waiting for the internet to come up. It never did.

But I'm too tired to pull out my laptop (I couldn't send them to myself) and pull them over.

But rest assured, they were hilarious. You'll just have to wait.

But I'm not heartless so I will give you a taste:

Bad Karma: my home phone, my Saturn, and my lawnmower all broke down within the last week. Lots of frustration and money output.

Starbucks: Yesterday I challenged Starbucks to make me the strongest caffeine-fest they could come up with. It was life-threatening.

WordPressure: A VERY long discussion about my decision of how many blogs to maintain and what technology platform I should use.

Parking Spaceout: some moron parked in my parking space this morning. Neither of us had a good day after that.

I gotta get some sleep so I can NOT be on the net tomorrow. (sigh)

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