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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Truckasaurus Takes A Hit

I was sitting in my office when this email came in from one of the contractors I work with:

"A driver in a government vehicle backed into your truck in the parking lot. No visible damage to your truck. The GOV's back bumper is dented and scraped. Law enforcement was called. They determined it was a fender-bender and did not file a report. The driver is from TBS. I have his name and contact information and will leave it on your desk. Should you want to get additional information or it is determined that there is damage to your truck you are to call US Claims. They are the insurance company that cover all government vehicles."

It seems they thought I was gone but I was tactically hidden... IN MY OFFICE!!!!

There was no damage to Truckasaurus but the Corporal who hit it asked David if I was "high strung" to which David answered "Oh, yeah."

He really did!!!

So I called the good Corporal and assured him it would take a lot more than that to damage Truckasaurus and that I appreciated him taking the time and effort to come inside and take responsibility personally.

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