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Friday, August 19, 2005

More Bad Karma

OK, OK, I pissed someone or something off. What proof do I have? In the last week,

1. My home phone automatically called 911, requiring the cops to come, and then the line went dead.

2. My expensive riding lawnmower just decided to stop cutting

3. My Saturn started acting funny and then wouldn’t start

All three of these blissful events required more attention than I was willing to give them so my lovely wife was forced to deal with them.

Here is a recap of how this all panned out:

Why it happened: No fault of our own. Phone company blamed bad buried line.

What it resulted: about three days of no home phone and Carrie having to stay home all day for a repairman that didn’t bother to show up nor call (on the cell # we gave them)

How it got fixed: after Carrie had to suffer through automated menu hell (eating up our cell minutes), she did a little test which turned out it wasn’t our fault. So after ignoring their wide time range they gave to come out and fix it, they came the next day and rewired something. But they said it would still be crackly until they fixed the buried line.

Cost: patience, no phone for a few days, a wasted day of waiting for the repairmen, many anytime cell minutes, no monetary cost on our end.

Why it happened: I perform absolutely no preventive maintenance. Belt was to loosy goosey.

What it resulted: a lawn that looked like the jungles of Africa, going a few weeks without mowing.

How it got fixed. I tore it apart twice, replaced the belt to no success. Then a week of waiting for the repairman to come out when we found out it was still under warranty. He made a minuscule adjustment that apparently fixed it and because my wife kept him company and asked questions, he cleaned the filters and did a bunch of other maintenance procedures that he should have charged us for.

Cost: would have been $198 but came to $0.

Why it happened: because it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, although I don’t accept this fact as an excuse.

What it resulted: getting stranded at Costco with the whole flowers fiasco.

How it got fixed: Saturn dealership replaced the starter.

Cost: $450 that I don’t have. Ouch.

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