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Friday, August 19, 2005

Other Blog Coming Along Thanks To The Other Jason

I continue to work on my other blog and importing the old files. Another Jason has been helping (we Jasons must stick together) and this email is telling him how I solved the annoying problem that when I imported the entries, all apostrophes and quotation marks were changed to question marks. This meant I had to go in and fix it by hand and I did all of November 1997 but vowed that there had to be a way around it.

Here is what I wrote:

I found it. I was pasting the text in a Word document, formatting it, and saving it as a text file. But by default it's coded as Windows (default). Wordpress wants UTF-8. When I did that and imported it, it worked great. Other accomplishments: I discovered that you can put HTML tags in the import file so that my Free Advice and Quote of the Day can get bolded in the import file using tags instead of doing each entry (~30 per month) by hand. I used your SQL statement to update the comment and ping fields in the database. For some reason, it makes all the imported entries as drafts and no pings allowed. I can UPDATE the entire table to fix this.

Now it's just a matter of massaging each month's entries in the import file. Long and tedious but doable and with your help, it's become faster.


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  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger a.maria said…

    HA! you're hysterical. especially because when i was at hollywood, i was trying to think of other good movie to rent that i could use in my mental arsenal tomorrow during the run... Gladiator was so one of them.

    but i wasnt in the mood.

    and now my CoF video just crapped out on me. big time bummer. guess its bed time! (but not before i listen to the theme song a few times!!!! heheh)

  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger mistyblue3 said…

    I have not a single clue what that meant at all.. Just reading that stressed me out and made me tired. Good job hung lo.


  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger Viper said…

    Yeah, it made more sense when I wrote it yesterday.

    Basically, I'm just talking about taking thousands of entries and moving them over to my new blog. With so many entires, any automated shortcuts will help.

    Meanwhile, I fall farther and farther behind.... (sigh)


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