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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Starbuck's Challenge

On Wednesday, I had to take my daughter to piano lessons and with the half hour it took her to finish her weekly lesson (at $20 a pop), I ran over to Starbucks with a mission.

“I want an obscene amount of caffeine.”

“I want something I have to sign a waiver to drink.”

“I want solid caffeine crystals floating on the top like big ice cubes.”

With a laugh, here is what she suggested.

“OK, we can make you a venti Americano with extra shots. It’s basically 4 shots of espresso with hot water. We can put in 2 or 3 extra shots and some mocha or caramel to make it a little sweeter.”

Holy cow, she had that a little too at the ready.

I was unprepared to challenge the local Starbucks chick. My request didn’t seem all that out of the ordinary like I thought it would be and my “safety-be-damned” approach to insane amounts of caffeine was not only doable, but they could ratchet it up to medically unsound levels.

I went with just one extra shot of espresso and a shot of mocha. After tasting it, I put in some sugar.

I ended up drinking it all. Not only did it destroy my stomach, it probably blew my diet right out of the water.

But did it have the kick?

I thought I’d never sleep again.

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