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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Shape Of Things

Here is an email exchange beetween me and a friend of mine who is over in Iraq:


Still alive and kicking. Had a pretty good wake up call this morning with what I am guessing was a mortar attack on the IZ. As the Iraqi's near the finalization of the draft Constitution, other Iraqi's don't like that. So the mortars are flying. Seen many intersteting things here, Baghdad culture, some of the outlying cities, working with ministerial staff for national communications plans for Iraqi police, and not the least, moving many, many boxes around the country by hand most of the time. I have had a resonnably small amount of action and have not had to use my weapon yet except to keep my toothbrush dirty.

I am still enjoying the deployment.

How are things in your neck of the woods?




Son of a bitch.

All I got to complain about is traffic and being at Quantico.

I don’t have any cool stories about mortar attacks or working with Iraqis. I bitch about the cleaning lady blocking the head when I really gotta go and blocking assholes that park in my parking spot.

I feel so emasculated.

Other than that, things are great.

-- Jason

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